Strategic Project Services

The Experts in Leading and Safeguarding Your Transformational Expedition Towards Core Relevance

There's no 'easy path' to completing the transformational journey towards long-term relevance and sustainable, optimized operations.


However, DaLand CUSO SPS is the simple way to safeguard your plans to get there, and secure a stellar chance of success! 


Whether you're planning to execute a complex conversion project (or series of projects) or preparing to actualize a critical business strategy around your modernized and relevant core technology, our unparalleled team of operational, technical, business analyst, and executive project management minds is 'on tap' to safeguard your critical strategy or project.

Our SPS division will deploy multiple skilled resources to support your financial institution's conversion projects and safeguard your strategy with the goal of manufacturing an optimized outcome for your institution.

We manufacture meaningful conversions, wherein your organization has an opportunity to grow and enhance itself via the conversion project and the partnership with DaLand CUSO.

We work in constant collaboration with the executive management and experts at your institution to make your project the success you want.  We augment your team’s expertise with our objective and deep experience within our industry (which extend far and deep beyond the scope of experience and perspective any single internal credit union team or resource can obtain or apply to a given project, simply by nature of our constant engagement in this dynamic, chaotic, and challenging space of core technology and core strategy projects).

Core Conversion Optimization

DaLand CUSO SPS Services

We manufacture meaningful conversions, and we enjoy doing it.  Why?  Because a meaningful conversion translates to an opportunity for your institution to enjoy an accelerated path towards relevance and sustainability. 


How do we do it?  We augment your institution and team with our roster of talented professional and expert minds inaccessible to most individual credit unions.  We then deploy our proprietarily developed and purpose-built Collaboration Hub to ensure communication, connection, understanding, and documentation are the foundational components of your successful conversion project.


Whether we work with your institution in a turnkey capacity or via our collaborative professional services models, your institution will benefit from our tools, processes, disciplines, and expertise.


We go beyond task management, and focus on strategic problem solving and solution building as essential mindsets for manufacturing your meaningful conversion.


Our Core Conversion Optimization roster of resources includes:

  • Use of the DaLand Dynamic Collaboration Hub

  • Assigned DaLand Executive PMO

  • Assigned DaLand Project/Product Manager

  • Assigned DaLand Business Analyst

  • Available DaLand Core Automation/Extension Developers

  • Available DaLand Core Customization Architects

  • Available DaLand Reporting and Automation Developers

  • Available CTO/CIO Support

Strategy Safeguarding

Great ideas (in our industry) need practical, tactical,and technical care and nurturing to become impactful realities. 

DaLand CUSO specializes in journeying with our clients to execute multi-year, multi-phase strategies, designed to ensure your credit union remains a relevant epicenter of its community and local economy.


Our composite team of resources, ranging from tactical project managers and business analysts to stand-out thought leaders and on-demand CIO/CTO talent,  will ensure your strategic vision avoids the all-too-common demise of death by a thousand operational and technical 'cuts.'

Using our core-centric philosophy and approach, we strive to avoid the unnecessary demise of great ideas; and our team believes audacious objectives are economically, technologically, and operationally achievable - given the right mindset, tools, talents, and disciplines.

Let's pursue the credit union renaissance, together, and ensure your strategic initiative is safeguarded from industry assumptions, accepted norms, and perceived technological limitations.

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